Believe In Yourself

The journey in starting a business can be a lonely road at times. 

You have to believe in yourself and travel alone for a while, it’s a testing ground of sorts.

I love it when I see new small business startups because it means that someone took the leap, they chose the risk and they dared greatly.

I wish that the minute I opened my mouth to share about our startup that people would have caught the vision and began diving in with me.  This was not the case.  I know why now.

In the beginning, the how to the what isn’t always formulated.  People get overwhelmed with ideas that require intense work and capital, especially the grandiose one’s.

It’s the why that drives each and every entrepreneur but it’s the weeds of the how that many a dreams have died.

This is why I say: You have to believe in yourself.  Your mission or purpose for launching has to be cemented in your soul.  Your skin has to be thick or you have to be willing to let it thicken.

So go forward with your ambitions, goals, dreams and ideas.  The world is waiting on you.

Never Stop Climbing!