Patiently Persevere

From the eyes of outsiders, it will seem like Entoto Gear just popped up.

For us in the background, it’s been a long journey of doubts, frustration, patience and perseverance.

My ability to be patient was actually honed in my role is homeschool mama to 5 daughters, two of which have special needs.

There is never a dull moment at our house.  We are live and in action about 16 hours a day +

"All good things take time"

It’s been a two and half year journey to get to this point.  It hasn’t been easy but I keep our why in front me, like a carrot to a rabbit, it drives me forward.

"Do not grow weary in doing good..." Galatians 6:9

We each have a part to play in this thing called life.

Your role might not be launching a business,

It might be writing books, nurturing your grandchildren, baking biscuits, keep buildings clean or saving a life,

It does not matter what the role is, what matters is that you are living out your purpose.

Purpose is finite but passions change.  You have to know your season and learn how to thrive in that season.

"What will you be remembered for?  How will you be remembered?" 

Whatever it is you are doing, just be true to your purpose and live full out.

Never Stop Climbing

Nakisha Guzman