5 Reasons You Need A Tribe

Let me tell you 5 short reasons why you need a tribe:

  1. You need the energy that being in communication with like-minded people can give to your soul.
  2. You need to know that you are not alone in your journey.  Loneliness can take you down really dark paths.
  3. You need someone to affirm your gifts, talents and ideas.
  4. You need to pour into other people, be a listener too.
  5. You need to know you're not crazy; unicorns do exist, LOL!

This past weekend I got to expereince what being a tribe just like the one I mentioned above feels like.  I heard from soul invigorating speakers like Dr. Ray Charles, Susie Carder, Lisa Nichols and others.

Below are some nuggets from the 3 Day conference:

  1. Don't play into your smallness; play into your greatness.
  2. Define what success truly looks like for YOU.
  3. Value is about serving the client.
  4. Limiting beliefs not only limit performance but it limits the value I offer to clients.

I have a notebook full of notes and memories to last a lifetime.

Find your tribe.

Never Stop Climbing,