Fear Of Failure

When the fear of failure is present, or should I say lurking, you know you are headed in the right direction!

The vast majority of us want to leave a legacy.

We want to leave this earth knowing that we have positively impacted another human.

We want to be remembered for having done something good in our world. 

For some individuals, this might mean adoption, for others this means going to the moon and then again for others this means helping someone keep their home tidy and clean.

You see, we all have a part to play.  And with each passing year, we lose the opportunity to be able to make an impact.  Don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in "it's never too late" but I am also part realist because things can change quickly without warning.

The choice to fear the unknown is not a new fear to humans but an old trick that keeps us trapped in mediocrity. 

I implore you to assess your life.  You don't have to start a business, a nonprofit or anything business related if that's not your thing.  Maybe you're needed most to be present for your local church, maybe the homeless shelter could use a extra hands, maybe the nursing home needs some visitors to ease the minds of the aging or maybe your grandchildren need you to be active and present in their lives.

Wherever you find yourself, just remember, someone in this world is waiting on you.  Do not allow fear to hold you hostage. 

On the other side of fear is great happiness and everything you have been dreaming of!

Do not fear failure, embrace it because there are lessons in every moment and lessons learned make you wiser and stronger.

Never Stop Climbing,